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Joining the NII

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Network of Independent Interventionists. Our group consists of Interventionists who work independently of any affiliation with individual treatment facilities. The ethical guidelines we abide by are clear and practiced by all members.


Click here to download the NEW Membership Application PDF file

Complete the form and email it to: lori@hopeinterventiontx.com


For questions on membership contact: lori@hopeinterventiontx.com

Note: A member of NII that is no longer performing interventions on a regular basis, and has no position that is in conflict with other membership guidelines, may continue membership in NII under the designation "Retired member." A Retired Member will be eligible to be appointed to committee positions and may have a full vote as members but not eligible for elected board positions. A Retired Member is required to pay membership dues each year, and these shall be half the amount of NII membership's yearly dues.

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